Problem Integrating CXN-Cal Plugins into Seurat

ChemAxon 89bfcec588

15-12-2009 00:23:15

Dear All,

A client using Seurat purchased 3 bundles of Cal Plugins several months ago under the impression that integration would be easy into Seurat.

What are they missing? Can anyone help, Please.

Any suggestions welcome.



ChemAxon e08c317633

15-12-2009 12:45:30

Please provide more details. As I know, lot of ChemAxon calculations are already integrated into SEURAT, and they can be used out of the box.

How do they want to integrate Calculator Plugins into SEURAT? Which are the calculator plugins they want to integrate?


ChemAxon e08c317633

16-12-2009 16:01:47

Problem solved.


ChemAxon 89bfcec588

16-12-2009 16:22:35

Thanks for your support, Zsolt. Appreciate.