Can't find calculated LogP value

User 4e2c5fe0a6

17-09-2009 14:56:23

Dear All,

I tried to calculate LogP value of some compounds.  However, the result is a window with an image of the molecule on the right hand side and a lank window on the left.  I have already down load and install the license as instruct from the chemaxon website. 

Is it possible that I didn't install the license correctly although I was able to get the result for other calculation (e.g. LogD, pKa .. )

Could someone please help with this?

Thanks a lots.

ChemAxon e08c317633

17-09-2009 21:41:38


Could you attach a screenshot, where both windows can be seen?

Please specify also the operating system, the Java version, and the  Marvin version you use.


User 4e2c5fe0a6

17-09-2009 21:59:48

Hi Zsolt,

Thanks a lots for quick reply.  I just found out that it was my silly mistake.  The option "Display in MarvinSpace" was checked when I perform the calculation.  Therefore, what I saw was actually the data in the format of the MarvinSpace.  I obtained the data when I uncheck that option.

Thank you very much for your time,