Different num of stereoisomers in v5.1.0

User 677b9c22ff

23-12-2008 21:49:46


sorry for possible double report, but I just put it in here.

I know there will be a major fix in v5.2.0.

This is a report from v5.1.0.

I used Xylitol as input (2R,3R,4S)-Pentane-1,2,3,4,5-pentol,

a) no stereoinformation OCC(O)C(O)C(O)CO

b) with some stereoinformation OC[C@H](O)[C@@H](O)[C@H](O)CO

In case a) I get three stereoisomers.

In case b) I get four stereoisomers.

Furthermore in case a) only two if the chiral centers are

created in case b) all three chiral centers are shown.

See attached picture


ChemAxon e08c317633

05-01-2009 09:36:45

Thanks for the report, we will try to fix this error too in Marvin 5.2.