Formal charges in resonance formulas

User 25d107bd42

08-04-2008 16:31:30

Hi, as can be seen in the screenshot, the uncharged molecule (a BODIPY dye) has a postive formal charge at the N-atom on the right side, which is OK. But what is the little red line below the B-atom in the formula ? There should be a formal negative charge for this resonance structure.

The formal postive charge at the N-atom is automatically shown, when the double bonds are added to the formula with single bonds, which is a fine feature.

And in the IUPAC name display there is also only a formal positive charge at the N-atom on the right side and no negative formal charge at all.

What's wrong?

Regards, Hans-Ulrich

ChemAxon 43e6884a7a

08-04-2008 19:12:12


The charge of atoms other than N should be added manually.

User 25d107bd42

08-04-2008 19:42:11


Regards, Hans-Ulrich