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User 1e4fa0a471

04-04-2008 10:27:42


In order to complete my 4th year of studies in computing science in Université Montpellier 2 , France, i'm developing a marvin plugin, i want to develop a command line calculation but i don't really know how to do. I know, i have to create a subclass of CalculatorPluginOutput but i haven't find any examples on the site whereas it exists for CalculatorPlugin and CalculatoPluginDispaly. So could you post the code of a CalculatorPluginOutput subclass. That will really help me.

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ChemAxon e08c317633

07-04-2008 12:49:55


Please see the Calculator Plugins Developers Guide. If your plugin class is implemented as described here, then in most of the cases the default CalculatorPluginOutput class implementation will do. For example ChargePlugin, ElementalAnalyserPlugin, IUPACNamingPlugin, TPSAPlugin and some other plugins do not have their CalculatorPluginOutput implementation, they just use the default.

Take care of creating a proper configuration file for cxcalc. You can find our file in xjars/ inside the MarvinBeans.jar.

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