JC_FORMULA function: Results for simple structures

User 0908c5ccdd

09-11-2007 10:06:03

For simple structures such as HCl and HBr salts the result of the function is as below:

select jc_formula('Br') from dual

> BrH

I use the result of this function on a web page that deals with creating salts. It would be much more attractive if the result was HBr instead of BrH.

Do you know if there is any simple way round this currently or might it be possible to alter the way in which the function works for simple salts?

ChemAxon d76e6e95eb

30-11-2007 13:24:56

We support the standard Hill system for the order of atoms in the molecular formulas.

(You can probably easily replace the resulting BrH string with HBr in your application. You can even make a dictionary of your preferred formulas.)