PSA calculation in marvinview

User c35f0bddd0

21-05-2007 16:12:56

I have been trying to get the PSA calculation to work in marvin view. I am an academic and recieved the set of license keys, none of them specifically for PSA, however. Alex indicated that the geometry plugin key should work for PSA, but I get an "invalid license key" message when I try that. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Adam

ChemAxon e08c317633

22-05-2007 17:51:01

PSA (2D) plugin and Elemental Analysis plugin can be used without license key.

What is the Marvin version you use? Do you get the "invalid license key" message when you set the license key using graphical license handler (Marvin menu: Edit->Preferences->Licenses)?

Check also this documentation:

Best regards,


User c35f0bddd0

22-05-2007 21:46:56

Thanks, I was using 4.0.6 After I installed the latest version I was able to use the geometry key to access the PSA calculation. Adam