How to make image bigger/set image size, using molconvert?

User 16a108bed5

01-02-2016 13:39:55

Good day,

I am using molconvert, here is what my command looks like:

Applications/ChemAxon/JChem/bin/molconvert png /Users/User/Desktop/zinc_491326.smi -o /Users/User/Desktop/testSMITOPNG.png

The image I get is attached below. I want it to be at least 3 times bigger. Is there any way to set the size?

ChemAxon 5fc3e8d7d0

02-02-2016 10:15:54


Try to use scale option. For example: molconvert png:scale300 molecule.smi -o molecule.png
Other graphics options:  molconvert -Hg

Best regards,

User 16a108bed5

03-02-2016 02:09:08

Thanks a lot. That's worked just perfectly)))!!!