Error: package chemaxon.marvin.calculations

User d42fd96da3

21-08-2015 11:04:25


I am new to ChemAxon.  My code needs to use the following package:

import chemaxon.marvin.calculations.ElementalAnalyserPlugin;

import chemaxon.marvin.calculations.HBDAPlugin;

import chemaxon.marvin.calculations.MajorMicrospeciesPlugin;

import chemaxon.marvin.calculations.TPSAPlugin;

import chemaxon.marvin.calculations.TopologyAnalyserPlugin;

import chemaxon.marvin.calculations.logPPlugin;


I have downloaded MarvinBeans and Jchem. I added MarvinBeans.jar location to classpath: C:\Program Files (x86)\ChemAxon\MarvinBeans\lib

When I run the windows (32bits) command line:

javac MarvinBeans.jar


I kept getting errors: error: package chemaxon.marvin.calculations does not exist


Do I need a license to compile the file? I have got license for the following calculation plug-ins:

Protonation Plugin 

Partitioning Plugin

NMR Predictor

Isomers Plugin

Markush Enumeration Plugin

Predictor Plugin.


I have attached here the code I wish to compile.

Thank you,

Hai Ha.

ChemAxon 5fc3e8d7d0

27-08-2015 10:53:23

Dear Hai Ha,

Try to use the -cp comand line option:

javac -cp MarvinBeans.jar

Best regards,