No license file was found (Problem)

User 5a663018f3

03-07-2015 11:41:39

Hi everyone ! I've just downloaded the latest version of Marvinsketch. I am very glad of all the possibilities it offers. I've just one problem: when I want to do NMR predictions, it says "No license file was found". Is it an add-on i have to install or just something wrong with my download process ? Thanks, Thomas.

ChemAxon d51151248d

03-07-2015 12:39:38


The reason you can't use the NMR Predictor is that you need a valid license for our calculator plugins.

Our new users can download an evaluation license from the following link after registration for free:

I would note that you need to register our site to be able to download an evaluation license. This license is only

valid for 3 days, after which you can purchase a full license for our calculations.

I hope this helps. 

Best regards, 


User 5a663018f3

03-07-2015 15:43:53

Thank you for your quick response Daniel. I think I'd give it a try in the future. I'm a young teacher that wants the best for his students ! Have a good weekend !


ChemAxon d51151248d

06-07-2015 09:19:48

Dear Thomas, 

Knowing that you are a teacher, you can use our calculators with a free academic license. 

Please write to acpack _at_ to apply for your academic license.