logBB in InstantJChem

User ec47cc00a1

05-06-2015 20:10:40


I can calculate logBB using Marvin (under ADME calculations), but I can't seem to do this in InstantJChem as a new chemical term. I was also not able to google up any help on the subject, or find this calculation in the Marvin help.


Please let me know if this calculation is possible in InstantJChem, and how to write it!


ChemAxon d51151248d

09-06-2015 08:42:42

Hi Anna, 

The logBB calculation is unfortunately not a supported calculation in the recent Marvin versions. Probably you use a version which still contains that functionality, but you should know that it isn't part of our calculation portfolio anymore. 

Also, it was never available as a Chemical Terms function, and therefore it was never available in Instant JChem.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We suggest you use your current or older version of Marvin for your logBB calculations.