How to get Mass of the structure with stoichiometry data?

User cdc1fd6fff

09-12-2013 05:59:43

hi, we add the coefficient for salt in structure according to the method about adding attached data. please see the attached example. Is there a way to get the mass or exact mass and formula about this kind of structures in jchem database(Jchem version: 5.4.1)? Currently, the Mass and formula didn't take the coefficient in account 

ChemAxon 42004978e8

09-12-2013 09:12:44


I forward the topic to the appropriate group dealing with chemical terms.


ChemAxon e3b68ad0ae

12-12-2013 08:14:24

Dear Juan,

providing stoichiometry as attached data is not suitable for further calculations with Chemical Terms.

You should use multiple groups in your molecules described here:

The set stoichiometry data will be considered in your calculations this way.

Best wishes,