property plugin

User ba3fbf8a92

18-07-2013 05:36:39

Dear Sir/Madam,


I have installed marvin on my linux system.

And I launched marvin applet through website.

But, the property sub-menues of some toolbars  did not activate.

 protonation, partitioning, isomer, conformation, geometry, other

But, NMR and Charge give sub-menu as like following figures.

I get academic lisence and insalled it. 


How can I solve the problem.

Thank you


ChemAxon 60613ab728

22-07-2013 15:35:20

Dear Sang,

I am wondering if you checked our applet example pages.

You can find plenty of options for applet configuration.
If you still have a problem, could you please write us which version do you use? Do you get eny error message?

Thank you,