a theoretical pre resonant Raman calculation using gaussian

User 0bff540aea

02-12-2005 15:39:31


I'm trying to perform a Gaussian 03 calculation in order to obtain theoretical pre resonant data of a molecule but I couldn't. I wrote to Gaussian technical support and I prove their solutions, but I still cannot perform the calculation. Please I need someone who contact me and we could discuss about this problem.

Thanks a lot!!

lisrobles _at_ yahoo.com.ar

ChemAxon 43e6884a7a

02-12-2005 15:48:43

I don't think this the correct forum for you unless you have a problem with a ChemAxon product.

ChemAxon 587f88acea

31-01-2006 11:37:35

I think it is great place to talk about anything!