Boiling points and melting points

User 05d9866f9b

16-05-2013 05:37:43

Is there a functionality to predict boiling points / melting points available with some of the modules. I checked the documentation but couldn't find something. Thanks. Edith

ChemAxon e08c317633

16-05-2013 11:04:05

No, currently we do not have predictors for boiling point and melting point.

Do you have experimental boiling point and melting point data, and are you interested in a trainable boiling point / melting point predictor?

User 05d9866f9b

31-05-2013 09:01:32

Thanks -we'll discuss how to go on and let you know.

update Jun 3rd 2013: We won't follow up this topic at the moment. Thanks for the response.