Major tautomer of ascorbic acid

User afdc6e23db

15-04-2013 16:42:17

am using version 5.12.3 of the Calculator Plugins to find the major tautomers
of compounds. When I input two different tautomers of ascorbic acid, I get
different results. The attached figure shows part of the dominant tautomer
distribution for each input structure. Can you please explain why the major
tautomers of the two input structures are different, even though the major
tautomer of each is recognized as a minor tautomer of the other? Also, why is
input 1 recognized as a tautomer of input 2, but not the other way around? I
used the default options to calculate the dominant tautomer distributions.

ChemAxon 2136dd2f4b

29-04-2013 15:31:51


I have fixed a bug. The major tautomeric form is consistent now.  The fix will be available in the 6.0 or in the 6.1 version. 


User afdc6e23db

30-04-2013 15:29:03

Hi Jozsi,

Thank you for fixing this issue. I look forward to the new release.