pK of fluorinated sulfonamides

User e6bcc1f230

14-01-2013 09:02:39

Hello, I use MarvinSkech 5.10.1.

Calculated pKa of fluorinated sulfonamides (sulfonamide group) are very different from experimentally observed. For example, pentafluorsulfonamide has calculated pKa 5.48, and experimental is 8.2.

Experimental data can be found in:

Chem Asian J. 2007 Jan 8;2(1):94-105.

Thermodynamic parameters for the association of fluorinated benzenesulfonamides with bovine carbonic anhydrase II.

User 851ac690a0

14-01-2013 15:20:37



Thanks for reporting these miss-predicted pKa values.

The bug is fixed and the improved version will be available in the next bug-fix release. In the 5.12.x version.