Bug report (14.7.7)

User 7910dcb734

16-12-2014 13:15:18


We're not running the most up to date ChemAxon software (we're updating our systems in the new year) but I thought I'd drop this bug report in case it's not fixed.


The following molecule throws an Array Out of Bounds exception when standardized (config and molecule attached).

In the standalone Standardizer application, the standardizer produces no output and then becomes unresponsive, eventually requiring a forced close.

When sent into a ChemAxon Jchem Base table with the standardizer config applied, no warnings or errors appear - I assume some exception is being swallowed.

Version: 14.7.7



ChemAxon e08c317633

17-12-2014 13:37:59

Hi Brendan,

We can reproduce the bug with the newest version of Standardizer. It will be fixed in the next version.


User 7910dcb734

17-12-2014 15:07:13

Hi Zsolt,

Glad you could confirm it. It seems pretty rare (less than one in a million in our database).