Blueprint - SMID

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

04-10-2005 09:33:38

SMID is Blueprint's small molecule-domain interaction database. It has been developed by determining small molecule-protein molecular interactions occuring within MMDB records. Each protein found to interact with a small molecule is then BLASTed against NCBI's conserved domain database (rpsBLAST). Any result with an Evalue less than 0.03 are then stored in SMID (Small Molecule Interaction Database). Thus, SMID is essentially a "listing" of all small molecules that have been shown to bind to any given conserved protein domain. Along with simple small molecule-domain pairwise interactions, detailed information pertaining to the small molecule and protein are stored.

Marvin used to generate small molecule images

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User 9f43a5a979

26-12-2008 13:53:18

Does anyone know what happen with the DataBase? The link is broken.