SOMA2 - Open Source Modelling Environment

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21-06-2007 11:07:24

Open Source Modelling Environment

SOMA2 is a versatile modelling environment for computational drug discovery and molecular modelling. SOMA2 is operated through WWW-browser. The SOMA2 environment offers a full scale modelling environment from inputting molecular data to visualisation and analysis of the results.

The system makes use of the scientific applications installed in the computing system for which the SOMA2 environment includes interface tools. The scientific programs are easily configured and automatically executed in the SOMA2 environment. In addition, the SOMA2 environment offers a possibility to construct a computational workflow where several programs are run one after another. The SOMA2 environment is designed to be run so that the CGI web application is executed as an authenticated user. This provides individualised and secure way of using SOMA2.

The SOMA2 modelling environment is developed and maintained by CSC. The SOMA2 R&D project was part of TEKES (National Technology Agency of Finland) funded DRUG2000 technology program.

In May 2007 SOMA2 source code was open source released. The SOMA2 source code is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). See downloads page.

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