EasyOChem Moodle Question Types and Edu Apps

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10-01-2013 15:44:49

We developed 5 new question types that
may be of interests to chemists.  You can read a short description of
them below.  They are all based on MarvinSketch and/or MarvinView.

You can either go to (EasyOChem) www.easyochem.com, sign up as an instructor and then download or you could email me directly.  A short description of each is provided below.


The EasyOChem Mechanism (EasyOMech) question
can be used to test and strengthen students knowledge of reaction
mechanism, resonance and curved arrow notation.  You can ask questions
such as "Please add curved arrows showing the flow of electrons for the
following reaction?"  or "Please add curved arrows showing how the
following resonance structure could be obtained?".  You can choose from
two difficulty levels; Show Products (easier) or Do not Show Products
(more difficult).


EasyOReact tests students knowledge of
chemical reactions.  The instructor draws a complete reaction and the
student must provide the reactants, reagents or products depending upon
question options. 


With EasyOLewis the instructor draws valid
Lewis structures with all lone pairs and charges for a molecule.  The
student is presented with the structure stripped of lone pairs or formal
charge, and must add correct number of lone pairs or charges to any
atoms.  You can ask questions such as "Add the formal charges to any
atoms requiring it?"  or "Show all lone pair or radical electrons
required to satisfy the charge on any atoms?"


The EasyOChem 2D/3D Structure Display
question type (EasyOStructure) is a short answer question with
MarvinSketch for building question content and MarvinView for displaying
question content.  Anything that you can construct in MarvinSketch
be easily used in short answer questions.  You can choose from three
different representations for your chemistry content in MarvinView; line
bond, normal (Lewis structure like) and 3D Ball and Stick.  Structures
can be optimized in 2D and 3D and displayed as question data.  You can
ask questions such as "Are the two chlorine groups in the following
structure cis or trans?"  or "What is the name of the following
reaction?" or Does this structure have R or S stereochemistry?


The MarvinSketch editor interface can be used to design molecular structures, so you
ask questions such as "Please draw the structure of water showing
correct lone pairs"  or "Draw acetic acid and its dissociation?".   It
utilizes Chamaxons extended smiles format "cxsmiles" with the unique
option.  It supports lone pair and radical electrons, charges, reactions
and many other features.EasyOName was designed to test students
abilities draw structures, reactions and any other chemistry content.