Abstract Citation and Usage Quetions

User 70a9fb746a

05-11-2012 14:41:16


I'm currently doing research which involves some work with your program MarvinSketch at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Our research runs a virtual 2D Electrophoresis and Tandem Mass Spectrometer for uses in proteomic, chemistry, and biochemistry education. Our group would like to incorporate a link to Marvin Sketch or possibly a window of MarvinSketch inside the program to provide visual output as to what sequences the viewer would be getting into our program and just wanted to see who to contact for permissions on this.

I would also like to cite you in an abstract for an ASBMB conference. I have seen on the forums posts about citing Marvin Sketch in papers and wasn't quite sure if the same rules were applicable for an abstract. At the moment the current abstract includes that the chemical names that are output can be drawn in your program, MarvinSketch, with a link to the download.

Thank you for your time

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

05-11-2012 16:34:57


Contact me aa__at__chemaxon__dot__com to continue the use case for Marvin. I expect we can support integration.

Regarding the citations, the topic for presentations is covered here, we have no guidance (at this time) for use in abstract.

Another comment would be that rather than linking to a download for Marvin you could also/instead link to a live (fixed) applet implementation at our site where they can use to their hearts content without needing to register/download/install - tho of course it would be available offline