FreeWeb License

User e43aeab603

22-05-2012 08:35:34


My name is Adrian Olaru, I am a teacher, and I want to include MarvinSkech for teaching purposes in a web page on our school's site. The site is freely accesible, don't need a pass for access, there is no login for any functionality, no commercial aspect. The address is

How can I get a FreeWeb license?

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

21-08-2012 10:47:17


You just need to ask. I reply by email


User 74c9067b57

15-08-2016 15:48:11


we would like to integrate MarvinJS into our university website. I applied several times for a freeWeb license via eMail to acpack _at_, but unfortunately did not get any response. Can somebody help me?



ChemAxon 54184d846f

17-08-2016 06:18:12

Hi Peter,


Sorry for the late reply.  We checked out your case and since you are eligible for the license you will receive it shortly. I will contact you via e-mail.

Have a nice day,