License for student use

User 8434684c19

09-03-2012 20:20:46


I currently have an academic license for the ChemAxon products and I would like to have my students begin to use the software.  After they download the software, they need to enter a  license key.  Am I correct in assuming that they should use my key to activate the software on their computers?  I would appreciate any clarification on this issue that you could provide.

Thanks, Anthony Fernandez 

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10-03-2012 04:45:12


Yes for teaching your license file is to cover your undergraduate users, for post graduates the license is not useful and they should get their own academic package license. For me info on whats covered and not see the terms and conditions.



User 8434684c19

12-03-2012 00:50:50


Thanks for your reply.  I have only undergraduates and no postgraduates, so my issues around eligibility are fairly straightforward.  I will post the license file and let the students install the software.

Thanks again for your prompt response.  My students are looking forward to using the software.

Cheers, Anthony