Pearson Math and Science ACE 3.0 license issues

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11-06-2011 08:07:44

Recieved by email

We are trying to use Pearson Math and Science ACE 3.0 software for a class that started June 6th at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

You generously gave us a free academic license for JChem and Marvin.  We were just informed by a Pearson support consultant at the University of Kentucky (UNK) that our installation doesn't have
all the needed components.

Please let us know what we need to do in order for our UNL installation to be equivalent to UNK's.

Following my signature is what the consultant emailed us (lightly edited).

Best regards,


The license file is ~tomcat6/.chemaxon/license.cxl .  It is present.

However, it does not contain the "Structure Search" component; on our installation, we do have that component.  UNL has these licenses:
  •    Instant JChem
  •    JChem Base
  •    JChem Cartridge
  •    Web Services Server
  •    Structure Checker
  •    Predictor Plugin
  •    Molecular Descriptors
  •    Instant JChem VIZ
  •    ECFP/FCFP

UNK has these licenses:
  •    Marvin Applets
  •    Marvin Beans
  •    Instant JChem
  •    JChem Base
  •    JChem Cartridge
  •    Standardizer
  •    Screen
  •    Reactor
  •           Fragmenter
  •    JKlustor
  •    Metabolizer
  •    Markush Search
  •    Protonation Plugin Group
  •    Partitioning Plugin Group
  •    Charge Plugin Group
  •    Isomers Plugin Group
  •    Conformation Plugin Group
  •    Geometry Plugin Group
  •    Huckel Analysis Plugin
  •    Refractivity Plugin
  •    HBDA Plugin
  •    Markush Enumeration Plugin
  •    Structure to Name Plugin
  •    Name to Structure
  •    JChem for Excel
  •    Structure Search
  •    IUPAC naming plugin
  •    Structural Frameworks Plugin
  •    Web Services Server
  •    Calculations Pack
  •    Structure Checker
  •    Predictor Plugin
  •    MCES
  •    3D Alignment
  •    3D Screen
  •    Molecular Descriptors
  •    Instant JChem VIZ
  •    ECFP/FCFP

It looks like you need to negotiate with ChemAxon for additional licenses.  I can't easily tell which ones are needed, except Structure

Checker, which your error message implies is certainly needed.


Sorry that we cannot respond to emails so I paste here and answer here - then others can benefit from this.

Can you revisit your academic package license page and re-download the license, it is possible that your license is old and does not include newer functionality licenses which may explain this discrepancy.

For help in updating see this topic: Getting a replacement or updated license