Installing Academic Licence to Linux server

User 447e36cf40

26-04-2011 15:20:36

I am trying to install the Academic license on the Linux server but I am getting the following exception:

  Please contact sales _at_ to obtain the corresponding license. Students and academic researchers are entitled of free use through our Academic Package, for more information please visit:


Please advise if I should set java system properties for this. Which variable should I set ?



ChemAxon b124dd5f17

26-04-2011 16:13:46


Sorry for the hassle, the Academic Package license does not allow for server use.

From our experience, within universities, building portals or sharing data are normally only done where there is likely to be commercial research involved and commercial research is expressly prohibited under the academic package conditions. We have not met any academic group who can guarantee that any shared/served resources will not be used for commercial works.

We can provide licensing but this would normally be under commercial conditions, however we do have academic discounts and are very friendly in finding suitable ways to license.

Can you contact me offline to let me know more about your intentions and I can forward your interest


User 447e36cf40

27-04-2011 15:42:55

I have purchased  the academic license for the server use. I am having trouble with installing it on the linux server.

Please advise what steps should I follow to install it. I have also read the following documentation:

Should I use java system property and which variable needs to be set and in which folder?


Appreciate your help on this.