Expiration date of academic license

User 89b08de65a

16-11-2010 02:26:30

Dear ChemAxon,

I just got the academic license and thanks a lot for these practical software!

However, the expiration date of the license is 2011-08-26, not valid for 2 years starting now. Can I get an updated license or a new application is needed after exporation ?

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

16-11-2010 08:29:26


We are changing the licensing system. Currently we issue a single license to all users (with a defined end date based on 2 years from our posting the license). In the future we will be generating licenses for each user on demand.

When your license is expiring you will be able to get another license to 'top up' the missing months. Of course when you revisit the license and add citaions we can issue another 2 year license at that point