Does the "academic package" update automaticely ?

User 434ea28cd5

21-08-2010 16:32:19


I'm wondering if the academic package will update automatically ? Do I have to do it ?

Or perhaps this version of the software (academic pack , I meen) is never updating ?


Thanks for your answer.

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

23-08-2010 08:47:51

Dear Mathilde,

I received the notification about your application-update and I just accepted it. Everytime you update any data in your academic package application form you will have to wait for us to re-accept it.

However, if you wanted to ask me whether the academic license will update automatically after a new ChemAxon release to the new features: I have to say no. After each major releases we update the academic license; send a newsletter to our users and they have to download the new, updated license.

I hope I answered your question,

Have a nice day,