Hosting MarvinSketch - public or private server?

User cbb759276f

28-07-2010 15:09:07


Can you clarify for someone who is using MarvinSketch in an academic environment, for teaching purposes only, are there restrictions on the  type of web server the application can be hosted on?

Can you use a publically accessible web server? Or must it be restricted to the IP range of the campus?



ChemAxon 0265132c1a

29-07-2010 09:30:55

Hi Tim,

Since the MarvinSketch is free to download for anyone you can host it on publically available web servers too.

Have a nice day,


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

02-08-2010 10:06:38

Just to add that if this is hosted on a public page without login or commercial aspects (advertising, pay for services) then Marvin (and most of the database/search products) can be used freely. See "FreeWeb" here for more information

Notice Calculator Plugins cannot be licensed for public pages freely.


User cbb759276f

03-08-2010 15:13:10

Thanks to both of you for the replies!