academic license update automatically on citation?

User 3cdafe845f

29-06-2010 13:17:09


my 2 year research academic license is running out this fall, but I now posted a paper where we cite JChem to my license user profile ( . The question now is, is the license automatically updated (e.g. I get an email with a new license file) or do I have to write an email to somebody?



ChemAxon b124dd5f17

29-06-2010 13:48:11

Hi Tobias,

We are changing things in the back end now on this but there will be no down timefor getting your licenses.

Currently you should download the license file at the link in the acceptance email sent to you (you should recieve another email when you updated your appliaction form with the citation) but we are making licenses specific to individuals (including the duration) and putting them up to the "My Licenses" area of "My ChemAxon". I let the users know when this is switched on.

Hope this covers it


User 3cdafe845f

29-06-2010 13:52:33

Thanks that covers it.