Getting a replacement or updated license

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

05-02-2010 08:15:31

I wanted to post on this topic as it seems a popular topic area.

Replacing your Academic Package license
You need to be logged in and then visit your application (link here) and re-submit the form. I paste help to recove your login details below.

Getting the latest license aka "No license found..."
When new funcitonalities are included in latest releases these may need new licenses. At this time all functionality (tho sometimes limited) is provided to academic users so you will be able to activate all functionality by installing the latest licenses. See the links above for location.

Working with license files
Please see User
help for licensing
, and or another listing here in the forum.  Notice there is a forum specifically for help with technical aspects of licensing

A reminder about term
For teaching the academic license is perpetual but for research the license is only provided for 2 years. We will extend/repeat license where the user has updated their application with articles and presentations where ChemAxon is cited. To add these citations just revisit your application and add teh citation in that part o the application and re-submitt, an acceptance will be sent with a link to the new license. More instructions below.

Updating you

When we release new products or product features that need new licenses your (original) academic package license will not be able to use these features. Since all products are supported in the academic package you need to refresh your license to get the license file to enable new features. 

To refresh your license please login to our forum (if not already logged in) and
then visit this page to see your  application form. Please update the aplication (new publications, change details etc) and submit. Once your aplication is reviewed you will be notified that a new license has been generated and a link to get the new license - which will be available in the "My licenses" section of your user account.

Recovering your username/password
If you cannot recall your password or username please visit this link
and provide either your username or the email address used to register
- a new password and your username will be sent to you.

Good work!


User b39cf20463

15-03-2010 15:20:58

The above information is very useful, apart from I appear not be listed in the appropriate places for me to access the above links.

Is this because the "Academic Web" license is not included in these options? Or did I simply slip through the net? I can re-apply if that would help.

The following information is included to pre-empt some potential questions.

The license I was originally e-mailed (27/11/09) is being treated as invalid by the Marvin Sketch applet and I am stuck in evaluation mode. I cannot tell whether it is because of a somehow altered file or not, but my best efforts to duplicate the original email attachment have yielded no benefits.

Please advise on how I should proceed.

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

15-03-2010 15:40:38


I am not sure what your problem is. I assume it is a license issue. Can you confirm you have installed the license (I update the above mail with license help).

If this does not help can you descibe the error more, pleass include version information and operating environment in your response.


User 5e910a88ef

28-03-2013 04:30:38

I am retiring from the company from which I use chemaxon this May end.   I shall try to follow the forum from my home computer.  Can I have academic license issued to my personal mail address to be in touch with the latest hapennings and use the software. 

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

28-03-2013 08:23:59

Dear Narayan,

Thanks a lot for your interest in our tools. In the last few months we made our academic license system a bit stricter because we experienced quite a number of abuse of our software. 

Because of this I would say that we won't issue an academic license for your personal use. There are 2 major reasons for it: 1. You won't use it for academic purposes. 2. We won't be able to track how you are using our tools.

However, we have some free options that you can still benefit from in your golden age: Marvin is always free to download for personal use; and you can try too.

I think that's all how I can help you, plus I will let our Indian partners know - maybe they can be for your help.

Have a nice day,


User 3c5ffc5167

20-11-2015 14:32:38

How long
does it usually take to be noticed if I was granted whit a new license, it’s
been a little more than a week and still no answer. 

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

20-11-2015 15:22:24

Hi Patricio,

Usually we go through the applications within 2 working days. We receive a lot of them - so sometimes we are a bit late with the answer.

However, the system registered your request as "done" - so it is really good that you warned us... Technical failures happen, apologies.

In theory you received our answer just a couple of minutes ago.

Best regards,


User 3c5ffc5167

20-11-2015 15:32:10

Thanks for the
quick answer, your software allow us researchers to do so much in the name of knowledge.


tanks for everting.

User 3c5ffc5167

24-11-2015 16:06:07

Hi it’s me
again, I’m sorry for replying on the same mater but I’m still without answer on
the license extension request, and I don’t know what to do.


Tanks again
for your time.

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

25-11-2015 15:51:24

Hi Patricio,

I checked your case - and this is what I have found:

  1. You already applied for an academic research license - and that license expired.

  2. According to our conditions, you should provide a paper that cites ChemAxon for a renewal.

  3. We sent you an email about this issue on 21st November. It contains all the details you need to proceed.

I hope that it was somewhat useful.


User 3c5ffc5167

25-11-2015 18:31:39

Thanks for
the response, I didn’t know about that particular term, as for the email probably
it went straight to the spam folder for I didn’t see it.


Anyway tanks
for the support provided, have an excellent day.