Licensing of plug-ins for Portal use

User b39cf20463

26-11-2009 16:11:45


I am attempting to implement a Quantum Chemistry
educational web portal for Grid Computing at the University of Ulm, and
we have need of an editor that can produce realistic 3D geometries as a

Marvinsketch + Geometry plug-in can do this, but it is
unclear which of the two academic licensing models is appropriate to my
case. Academic Teaching, or Academic Web.

The objective of the
project is to get students to learn about quantum chemistry using Grid
facilities, and a web portal is the easiest way of ensuring that the
technical problems of doing Grid Computing arehidden from students who should be concentrating on chemistry.

would like to use the geometry minimization plug-in in order for the
students to generate realistic inputs for QM calculations, hence the
Web license would obstruct our use. The geometry optimisation is needed
for whatever the students may wish to try, rather than for use on
pre-defined content.

On the other hand, our Grid Computing Portal
has restricted access. The portal can only be used by people who have
received Grid Computing privileges, so it would seem the site-wide web
licensing is excessive. Chemistry students would receive accounts in
order to be able to use this portal after they have signed up for the
specific course.

If the initial project is successful, we
anticipate distributing our Portal to other participating universities
within Germany, so that they can use our Portal template to teach their
students about quantum chemistry andgrid computing too.


Can you comment on the licensing issues my project
raises, and whether you can accommodate our needs? For example, would
you require specific agreements with each participating institution?
Would you consider a specific license for the use of Marvin and only
the Geometry plug-in?


Thank you for your consideration,

Dr Kieron Taylor

University of Ulm

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

27-11-2009 16:58:49

HI Kieron,

If this implementation is oly for students and there are no commercial aspects then we can license under the academic web package. I will send on the license in a separate mail. Do please cite us on pages where we are used and in presentations and articles on the functionality.

Cheers and good work