Full Reaction and Metabolizer Libraries

User 0b9f3cd483

10-08-2009 17:58:28


With the student licensing is it possible to download (get the password) for the full reaction library (........and metabolizer library)? Thanks.....


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

11-08-2009 09:03:28

HI Alfredo,

Can you log into the forum then visit this link, it has the instructions for opening the reactor library. There is no metabolizer library as yet. This is an academic package subscribers only area (hence need for login)

Come back if this is not clear or doesn't work for you.


User 0b9f3cd483

11-08-2009 10:33:17

Thanks ! Everything seems to be working now. I downloaded and installed the license file and was able to unzip the reaction library.