Licensing JChem for non-profit research organisations

User b0b11fb3f5

22-07-2009 10:52:54

Hi, MRC Technology are interested in registering for an academic license. MRCT is a not for profit company (number 2698321) and a registered charity (number 1015243).  Could you please confirm that application/licensing is agreeable? The acdemic agreement states that the license keys are issued to named individuals. In the case of the JChem cartridge we would be interested in installing this on our Test and Production Oracle servers with client machines accessing the central data repository. Would this also be allowed under the academic licensing agreement? Thanks. Sav, MRCT

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

23-07-2009 04:11:37

HI Sav,

Thanks for the interest.

Our measure for academic is that the institution can issue degree's so I don't think your aplication will be relevant. We do have discounted pricing for non profit institutions. I get someone to get in touch to discuss.


User b0b11fb3f5

23-07-2009 07:23:49

Thank you for your reply. I understand your reasoning as to why MRCT do not qualify for the academic pricing package. I would be interested in speaking to someone from ChemAxon regarding discounted pricing for non profit organisations for the JChem cartridge - for a test and production system. Thanks, Sav