Is there Web Services Server license for academic use?

User 6e8ad6025d

17-03-2009 03:34:47


I'm using JChem class library with the academic researcher license.

And I try the ajax example of the new 5.2 release, but it shows "No valid license has been found." error.

Is there an academic license for this product?



ChemAxon b124dd5f17

17-03-2009 08:33:11


Yes all funnctionality we provide is licensed under the academic package.

I have updated the academic package licenses. Please visit these locations for the updated licenses (Research license, Teaching license). Please note these are Academic Package only areas, so you need to be logged into the forum and your forum user needs to be accepted for academic package.

If your academic package license is for research and you have not updated your application with ChemAxon cited articles, you will need to update your application before downloading the new license file. To do this please login to our forum and then visit this link, (if you cannot recall your password or username please visit this link and provide either your username or the email address used to register - a new password and your username will be sent to you). Please include all citation information and submit the application, a new access will be sent to you. If you cannot add citations please contact me directly with your request (aa_at_chemaxon_._com), please provide all information to support your extension.



User 6e8ad6025d

17-03-2009 09:10:48

Thank you. I updated the license and confirmed to work it.