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09-03-2009 09:27:16


For a paper I want to cite the user guide about fingerprints (

How do I have to cite it?

Vargyas, M., JChem Users's guide; ChemAxon Ltd.: Budapest, 2009; ?, ?, p?-? ???


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11-03-2009 07:33:18

Hi Lorenz,

the author of this particular page is Andras Volford. As this documentation is available online exclusively (we do not have printed manuals) the valid reference is its URL. 

With URLs the publication date is less relevant, but if you need it then in case of this particular page it should be 2008, though the document is much older but it was updated last year with the nice figure about the patterns and corresponding bits.

Instead of the year of publication, what many other authors citing online documents do is recording the date of access, i.e. month and year when they read and used the particular web content.

So, you can refer to this documentation like this:

Chemical Hashed Fingerprints, (accessed on ... ), 2008.

I think the above one is the typical, most widely used reference to web content. 

A less common, though more complete one could be:

Volford, A., Chemical Hashed Fingerprints, (accessed on ... ), ChemAxon Ltd., Budapest, 2008.




ps. Could you please send us an electronic copy or the DOI of your paper when accepted for publication?

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11-03-2009 10:57:16

By the way, we have just improved the fingerprint in version 5.2 to be released very soon (hopefully today).