User 1cf822c126

23-02-2009 09:35:08


The Application Form says, that my request for an academic license key has been accepted. (on the last friday:

License number: 4024   Recorded: 2009-02-17   Accepted: 2009-02-20).

I just wanted to ask, if I should wonder that I haven't got a mail with the license file yet.

Thanks in advance.


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

17-03-2009 08:36:35


Sorry for the delay in responding. I remember activating this and sending the acceptance email. I resend to the "" address but can you ask you email admin to check/add "" to their spam whitelist.

Let me know if you don't get it



User f7fd3e897c

28-05-2009 10:43:17

Please let me know whether the license issued will be a node locked license.

If so should I send you the physical address and the hostname of the machine??


Thanks and Regards,


Girinath G Pillai

ChemAxon 909aee4527

28-05-2009 11:11:35

Dear Girinath G Pillai,

no, the license does not contain technical restrictions about the machine.

In case of server licenses we generally include the name of the server in the license. This is not a phisical restriction either but serves as clarification of the license.

Kind regards,