license application/use

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

23-01-2009 08:22:02

I registered this morning as an academic user. I successfully loaded the two packages and opened them.

I can draw figures, but if I try the tools (geometry and topology) I get a message indicating that the licence is not found on this computer.

Could you possibly tell me what to do

many thanks for your help

I checked and did not see any application from your university this morning. I also checked the database and could not see any application from your email address "".

Can you confirm you submitted the application (this is a separate applicatiion - not the details you provide when registering for the forum). You can check by visiting your application - details below.

Let me know


To update your existing application please login to our forum and then visit this link. If you cannot recall your password or username please visit this link and provide either your username or the email address used to register - a new password and your username will be sent to you.

User 3ef53c2881

24-01-2009 07:06:57

hello Alex

i successfully entered to the forum from my home computer. It looks like we have a problem of access from our university network.

I completed the profile and after submission I now have a licence number 3917.

What do I have to do now ? I still do not have access to the academic licence, I still get a message indicating that I was working with the trial version



ChemAxon b124dd5f17

24-01-2009 07:40:04

HI Martine,

Glad this is going forward (sideways).

About the access problem, can you report this to your system admin to help your colleagues and yourself in the future.

About licensing, well you need to apply for the academic package. To do this please login at the forum (if not already logged in) and then visit this link and make sure the conditions are suitable, if so then accept and complete the application. I will be able to send a link to the license file upon receipt of the submission, if all is well.

FYI a listing of current subscribers is here.

Please post back if there are any problems, also do let me know what your admin says, this may be more common than Grenoble.


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

24-01-2009 07:55:22


I just saw your application and accepted. Please follow the instructions in the mail to get the license.

Good works


User 9fd1a0a044

29-01-2009 08:49:48


        I registered on chemaxon and downloaded its product but still didnt recieved any license file or instructions. Its already 4 days since i applied. please send me the license file for jchem.

username: gauravnandrajog

email: vishnu _at_

please reply soon

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

29-01-2009 11:00:27


You will need a license to run some functionality of the downloaded software. If you are academic then you should apply separately (beyond the forum registration for downloading).

To apply can you login to the forum and visit this

and if suitable, accept and

complete the application. I will be able to send a link to the license

file upon receipt of the submission, if all is well.

I confirm I cannot see any academic license for user name "gauravnandrajog"


User 9fd1a0a044

30-01-2009 15:01:23

I have submitted that application too but still didnt recieved any license. please send the license as soon as possible.

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

30-01-2009 15:03:55


I am not sure what happened the first time but I just accepted your application (arrived in the last few minutes). IF you have not multiple usernames then when you accept the terms of the academic package you will be taken back to your application form, so I fear your first application was lost.

Should be all well now