about my application

User f33d32244b

22-06-2008 04:53:06


I have applied 4 times with license number 3043 to 3046. I realized that I have written a wrong personal email address. The right email address is on my application for license number 3045 (which I accidentally reapplied for license number 3046). I'm so sorry for submitting 4 applications.

Hoping for your consideration,


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

22-06-2008 14:38:51

No problem Francesca, I sent the license already.

Cheers and good work / Alex

User f33d32244b

22-06-2008 22:24:21

Hi sir,

Sorry but I havent received any mails yet either in fnbeltran _at_ up.edu.ph (francesca.beltran@up.edu.ph) or cheeka_beltran _at_ yahoo.com



ChemAxon b124dd5f17

22-06-2008 22:32:01


I did send this morning. Let me know if you have not recieved

Cheers /Alex

User f33d32244b

24-06-2008 00:22:23

Thank you! I have already received the email.