academic license key

User d52b3163bc

12-05-2008 22:46:25

JChem...I have applied for an academic license but did not receive a license key...please help

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

12-05-2008 23:18:12


I have sent the key to you already, sorry for the delay - we have been busy last week with our User Group Meeting in Hungary and I am only now getting to my inbox.

Cheers and good work


User d5e539916f

27-02-2010 10:05:55

I'm experiencing the same issue :). May you give me more informations about how long from now I get my licence key?

Many thanks in advance.

User c80619c9a7

04-03-2010 10:51:14



I had applied for a academic license key. but have just received a mail about a link. but the link doesnt seem to work. 

Could you kindly send me the key asap.



ChemAxon b124dd5f17

04-03-2010 13:49:44

HI Jean-Francois,

Sorry for the delays answering. The license acceptance ws already sent so this should be solved.

HI Anupam,

You need to check the link and be logged into the forum before clicking. Come back if this doesn't work


User 8c57fe7217

20-06-2010 18:33:17

I have some of the components of JChem 5.3.3 with an academic license key obtained on 31 May 2010. I should like to upgrade to the complete JChem 5.3.4 suite under an academic license. How do I obtain an academic license key? Thank you.

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

20-06-2010 19:23:08

The license will be fine - it is not tied to versions. In the case that funcitonality in a new dowwnload is not licensed this may be because of new functionality requiring a license. To download the latest version see the instructions in the Academic Package Welcome email


User f1e0355d5d

21-07-2010 16:59:40


Today I've applied for the academic license. If everything goes smoothly,

when am I expected to do receive the license key?

I'm a little bit in haste, as I have to run some computations soon.


Thanks for your support and help



ChemAxon 0265132c1a

28-07-2010 11:05:32

Hi Alessandro,

Sorry for the delay! Normally the academic license is accepted by us within one working day. I just returned from my holiday though I can see your license was accepted.