Institutional email address - guidance

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

30-01-2008 13:07:36

To confirm that applicants are associated with an academic institution we need to have the applicant provide an email address related to the institution - ie the domain name of the email address relates to the academic institution. If you have not included your institutional email address you should revisit your application (instructions below) and provide this.

If your institution does not have email addresses for students or no email system we can send the license keys and instructions to a fax number publicly listed in your organisations web pages. In this case you should include the relevant fax number in the application form and the institutional website link that indicates the fax number to be used. Notice however that we can send the keys to your supervisor (if they have an institutional email address) on your behalf.

If these options do not cover your situation please email "aa__at__chemaxon__.__com" for further help

Updating an existing application

If you have already applied and wish to update your application please login to our forum and then visit this link. If you cannot recall your password or username please visit this link and provide either your username or the email address used to register - a new password and your username will be sent to you.