Distribution of license keys

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

03-11-2004 11:07:15

Recieved via email
I am teaching a Cheminformatics course and recently requested and obtained license keys for some ChemAxon products. I would like my students to have access to and use this software. Are there any restrictions on the number of computers these keys can be used on or can I install these keys on multiple student and instructor computers.

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

03-11-2004 11:09:58

If your application requests the license for teaching purposes the license keys are relevant to you and those students belonging to the department indicated in the application.

I will update the conditions of the offer to make this more clear, thanks.

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

03-11-2004 11:43:35

Recieved via email
Since this course caters to students from a multidisciplinary background, I have students coming from computer science and biology depts too. Am I correct in assuming that it would be ok to use the keys on their computer.
Yes you are correct, a student being taught within a department does not need to me enrolled solely in the department stated in the Academic Package Application.

User de4b630fde

14-02-2005 14:58:38

alexa wrote:
If your application requests the license for teaching purposes the license keys are relevant to you and those students belonging to the department indicated in the application.

I will update the conditions of the offer to make this more clear, thanks.
Dear Sir,

I would like to recieve an academic licence, especially to run the calulator.


User f76e6b9b59

24-02-2005 10:43:36

I teach at Rome University in a Medicinal Chemistry course.

I have applied for academic free license for both jchem and marvinbeans, but I have never received the license keys.

Would you please help me?

Thanks a lot


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

24-02-2005 11:29:17

I re-issued the license keys.

Not sure where this went wrong but all should be well now

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

25-02-2005 11:08:04

New keys have been added to those originally distributed with your application acceptance.

If during use you receive a dialogue box indicating that a limit has been reached and a license key is required please 'reply' to your original license key distribution email and the new keys will be forwarded.

For help activating with license keys please visit this link: http://www.jchem.com/doc/user/Licenses.html

User 3776b3746e

07-06-2005 22:06:39

Very new Unix user here supposed to implement JChem and Marvin packages. I'm working with a Mac OS 10.3.9. When I downloaded the Marvin software, a ChemAxon directory was created in my Home's Applications directory. JChem did not, however. When I downloaded the jchem.tar.gz file and "UnStuffed" it, 2 folders appeared on my desktop. Are they to be filed into the same ChemAxon directory as the Marvin stuff?

Where do I enter license keys?

Do I connect to a ChemAxon molecule database, or do I create my own?

Humble apologies if you're *facedesking* right now

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

08-06-2005 07:38:36


I am not the best person to answer this but I recommend you have a look in (and direct support questions to) the support area of the forum. A post in the Structure search and chemical database section would be the most relevant area for JChem set up questions, though I expect that this will have been covered in previous posts or the Useful resources section of that forum

I suppose if all else fails then a forum wide search would also get your there.

For your information, posting to the most relevant section of the technical support area will 'heads up' the moderators who will be able to point you to an actual post or resource that will help, this is the fastest method to get expert help

Cheers, best and watch out for drooling on keyboards :)

31-10-2005 16:30:14

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am academic user. I will use Jchem base, screen and reactor for study and/or research purpose. I need license keys

in order to use them. I already sent my email to sales _at_ chemaxon.com last Thursday, but have not yet received any response. Who should I contact for this problem?

Thank you very much.


Xiaobing Tian

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

31-10-2005 16:59:28

Hi Xiaobing,

I just answered your email sorry for delay and the duplication

I cannot see an Academic Package application in your name or featuring "Thomas Jefferson University". Did you complete and submit the online application form?

If not can you log into our forum then visit this link. You should review the conditions of the package and if these are suitable then accept and fill in the application. I will review your application then issue the keys.

Please return to me here if I can help further. Cheers and best.

User 8fda8ee116

05-05-2006 20:31:16

I had activeted my forum account

how can i recivied the license Key

Thank You


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

06-05-2006 00:23:18

Good to hear of your interest.

I am not sure if you have applied. If not then this will take you to the application. Once the application is submitted I will receive notice and then can review, accept and issue the license keys.

PS To update your existing application please login to our forum and then visit this link. If you cannot recall your password or username please visit this link and provide either your username or the email address used to register - a new password and your username will be sent to you.