hello, my name has been added to the list.......

User a33381cd35

07-06-2007 04:47:46

hello, please forgive my english, i know it is poor.

and i have filled the application for the license to use in teaching in my department, and i noticed that my name has been successfully added to the bottom of the list.

and i wander how could i receive my license, and when? is it being send to my mailbox?

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

07-06-2007 08:26:52


Thanks for signing up.

Sending of the license keys for academic package is not automatic, we need review each application.

I have responded to your application separately.
and i noticed that my name has been successfully added to the bottom of the list.
A question about where you saw your name being added, can you tell me where you were listed? I could not see you in this listing



User a33381cd35

07-06-2007 23:50:17

ah, sorry, i made a mistake, my name has been added to the list of Academic Package participants, not the license list!


and i hope i can pass your examination of my application! i really hope i can receive that!

thank you.

User a33381cd35

09-06-2007 02:35:49

thanks, alexa, and i have changed the e-mail address of my institution, so if i passed your examination, please send me a license to the institution e-mail address, and it is : hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn

again i wish i can obtain this license, do please help me about it, alexa!!!

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

19-06-2007 12:26:03


Sorry for the delay in responding (UGM travels). The keys were issued

Cheers and good work


User a33381cd35

20-06-2007 02:13:50


sorry to disturb you again and again, but this morning in china, i check the institution mailbox(hxx@lytu.edu.cn), and i can not find the letter , and then i check the mailbox of myself(wangyaqi567@sina.com), and i find the letter which notified me that you have issued the keys, but i still can not find the letter which include the keys.

so may i ask you to send it again, and i wander if there is some technical problem that caused my can not receive your letter. and i thank you for your help and your patience to help me a lot!!!

and just a few moment ago, i have send an e-mail to you using the mailbox(hxx@lytu.edu.cn) to test if you can receive the letter when i use the mailbox, and maybe if you can not receive my letter , i may not receive your letter if you sent the letter to hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn.

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

20-06-2007 13:53:48

I tried again - lets see


User a33381cd35

21-06-2007 00:19:12

sorry, i check hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn, and can not find the letter.

and i wander if you have received the letter i send you from hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn?

if you receive the letter, i then guess the letter you send to me maybe filtered by the mail-system, but my wangyaqi567 _at_ sina.com can receive the letter from you, so if convanient, please send the letter to wangyaqi567 _at_ sina.com.

i am sorry to add to you so much trouble!and many thanks to you!


ChemAxon b124dd5f17

21-06-2007 11:04:02

Hi wangyaqi,

Can I ask you speak with your system administrator to have "chemaxon.com" added to your 'allowed' filter. I would hope that your colleagues would also be interested to apply and they will have troubles in the future. Can you do that?

Let me know if there are any expected difficulties/delays


User a33381cd35

22-06-2007 01:21:03


i made a phone call to the mail-box administrator, and he tell me the university do have bought a filter, but till now , they had not install it, so it seems the letter do should come into the hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn.

and he also tell me that i could add a new rule to the mailbox to automatically transfer all the letter to my wangyaqi567 _at_ sina.com, and i have done that, yet i use my mailbox send a test mail to hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn. and the hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn do receive this letter, yet half an hour has gone, and it did not transfer the letter back to wangyaqi567 _at_ sina.com.

i could now only pray that this time, i could receive the license letter, if this time i still can not receive it, i then :( , and really do not know what else i could do to the hxx _at_ lytu.edu.cn box.

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

22-06-2007 01:55:05

Glad we could sort this out