need to get get license

User 25db28b8f8

30-12-2006 13:20:27

Dear Alexa

i am a research student and i have apllied requested for the free license of the software packages offered free for acedemic purpose. Unfortunately, at that time i no have institutional email address. Now i have got it and request you for further consideration regarding the license key & related information.

Inamullah Khan

inamullah _at_

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

30-12-2006 14:36:13

Hi Inamullah,

Can I ask you update your application with the new email address and resubmit. I will get a notification and will send on the keys.

To update your application login to the forum and then visit "".



User 2881c56d10

11-04-2007 10:13:12

I dint get the licences for the Markush Enumaration

ChemAxon 0815c054e1

13-04-2007 09:44:06

HI Shreyu,

Can you give me an academic e-mail address where I can send the key to?



User 2881c56d10

13-04-2007 12:16:45

1st of all Thanka a lot..

my academic email is dypbbi _at_

Thanks again....

User 2881c56d10

13-04-2007 12:19:32

my e mail Id is dypbbi _at_

ChemAxon 0815c054e1

13-04-2007 13:28:02


We sent the license key to the email address you gave.



User e81eb669d1

31-05-2007 19:55:18

Dear Alexa,

I am going to try Marvin for one problem I am studying. So, I registered and downloaded. Got your welcome letter - thanks.

How I can get the key?

My e-mail address: odmitr _at_


Olga Dmitrenko

ChemAxon b124dd5f17

31-05-2007 20:00:35

HI Olga,

Have you applied for the package? - see this link.

You will need an active forum registration to apply


User e81eb669d1

31-05-2007 20:25:53

Thanks, Alex!

For some reason I did not see the link to the application. No I did - thanks!