License for Students

05-11-2006 21:07:08


I' m a student of Chemistry at University of Frankfurt (Germany). My Question is: is it possible to get a license for the ChemAxon's Academic Package?

It would be very helpful for me to use the software for creating my protocols and other studies.

To verify that I'm a student I can send you a copy of a "confirmation of student status"

Thanks for your help,


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05-11-2006 23:42:09

HI Daniel,

Certainly, just visit this link review then accept the conditions and fill in the application. We will get a notification and will check your application and, all being well, send on instructions and the keys.

I would say - just for others reading this - that we check that your institutional email address is related to your institution and that your institution is academic. The license is not intended for national research Institutions unless they are teaching or host academic (university) researchers

Hope this helps and looking forward to receiving your application.

Cheers / Alex

PS - We do not limit applications at all so do feel free to recommend your colleagues to apply