How do I give licenses to students?

User 0d8f075771

09-01-2017 18:20:52

I have gotten an Academic teaching license, which should include licenses to allow students of the department. But how does this work? Should I share my licence.cxl-file with them or is there an easier way?

Kind Regards

Trine Fich Pedersen

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

09-01-2017 21:09:19

Dear Trine,

Fair question. Teaching licenses allow multiple users, but they won't work from a server. This means that you have to give it to your students or department colleagues, and after downloading the required ChemAxon software, they have to install the license on their own machines.

Please note that only after downloading and installing a ChemAxon product will you be able to open the .cxl format license file.

I know this is a bit demanding way to share the license, but unfortunately we saw massive abuse of our licenses that provided server use as well. I truly hope you will understand us and also that this answer will be helpful.

Have a great day,