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30-09-2016 13:18:29


Currently I am user of the ChemAxon Academic License, and make a lot of use of the products. I work in academia, and participate only in fully research, non-commercial projects. I wanted to make use of MarvinJS, as we planned to construct an online platform for metabolic stability predictions (following our previous project, to enable not only direct file upload, but also drawing the structures.

According to the description provided on the WebSite, I need the FreeWeb license in order to use MarvinJS (that is not included in the ChemAxon Academic License if I understand the terms correctly), however, the application procedure is not clear. Clicking on the respective link makes redirection to the contact list of sales representatives - should it therefore be obtained via contact with them? 

It doesn't seem that My ChemAxon, or My Licenses tab provides the application for this specific license. Thank you in advance for your help.



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05-10-2016 09:14:30

Hey Sabina,

You are correct, the application process is rather obscure - it has its historical reasons, but your request did find its way... Actually the same team handles the FreeWeb license as the academic package. The process is rather simple: Either you apply for an academic license and add it to the comment field that you are actually interested in FreeWeb license; or write to the acpack _at_ email address.

The process from here on will continue behind the public scene. I will contact you in email soon - and ask some basic questions. If you pass - and based on your description I am pretty certain you will - I will send you the license.

Generally we make sure that you have read and understood the conditions of the FreeWeb license. We have 3 major goals here:

That's it generally, so in a few minutes an email will follow in your email box,

Have a great day,