Academic license application

User 22bf34c2c1

29-08-2016 06:12:22


I have applied for the academic license to use the Metabolizer tool. However, I have not got any update on the application status even after two weeks. Please let know if any further information is needed for the application.

Thank you,


ChemAxon 0265132c1a

29-08-2016 12:23:42

Dear Devleena,

It is a rather busy time for academic applications. September is the start of a new semester, so we receive an amazing number of applications each day. This requires time for us to go through.

Apologies for being a bit slow in response. If you want to contact the relevant person, please ping our colleague in India, Surojit Sadhu (



User 22bf34c2c1

30-08-2016 10:20:51

Thank you Janos for the quick reply.