academic license still not arrived

User 457d1bb77d

07-06-2016 19:37:42

I filled out the application for an academic license a good while ago now and have never heard back, positively or negatively, all this time. Can this get looked into? I am posting from my chemaxon account (user name: rhodopsin). 

I am already providing value to chemaxon community, having improved the pka value for 2 molecules -can see the related thread here:

I am doing academic research and hope my application can be looked upon positively. 

ChemAxon 5be460301c

30-06-2016 14:18:28

Hi I can certainly assist you with that. What is your first and last name? 

User 457d1bb77d

30-06-2016 14:34:32



ChemAxon 5be460301c

30-06-2016 14:44:42


Found your application. However, before it can be approved, would you mind changing your email address from hotmail to your institutional email address. 


User 457d1bb77d

30-06-2016 14:50:16

I am working by myself now. I am seeking my first postdoc position. but it isn't going well. i am carrying on with research in the hope of making me better placed in the job market. so i don't have an institutional email address. 

User b68323be73

25-08-2016 18:29:09

I have applied for an institutional license and have no rely for a few days.

I ma just starting my Organic and Biochem labs for the semester and was hoping to possible be granted permission for a license as it will be a great attribution to my pro labs and pre lab write ups.


Hope someone from chemaxon can help