License Not There

User 9a16997494

24-02-2016 17:06:15

I was emailed that my License is available but when I look in  "My Licenses" the are none.

How do I get this?

ChemAxon 0265132c1a

25-02-2016 09:20:12

Hi Timothy,

You are right - somehow the automated system did not generate your license. Sometimes it happens... Anyway, I updated your academic application, and made sure that this time the license is generated. You received a notification email about it in the last few minutes.

I truly hope now everything will be fine ;)


User 9a16997494

26-02-2016 17:44:37

I finally got the jchem tab to show up in Excel.  Now when I try to add a function (such as logP) I do not have the Jchem option in my function menu.  Is this because I only have an academic license?


How do I remedy this issue?


Thank you

ChemAxon 0e37943a96

01-03-2016 11:55:28


please make sure that all necessary add-ins are enabled. Here is a link describing what to do: